Captain Walter Ellis “Santa” Santana is a grizzled old Yankee pilot with a twinkle in his eye and trick or two up his sleeve. It’s World War II; Captain Santa pilots a twin-dirigible mini aircraft carrier formally named Heaven’s Deliverance, aka the “Sleigh.” Both are on loan to the Brits to help out with the old war effort on the other side of the pond. He and his British crew cruise at high altitude over Paris and Europe fighting for God and Country, while providing intel and coordinating close air support, or should the need arise, dropping a few birds off the back and giving Ol’ Jerry a dose of “Buccaneer Booty”1 themselves.
1A gift of frankincense, myrrh and lead.

Book 1 in the series: Midnight Over Paris.
The Captain and the Buccaneers are running out of time and gas as they glide silently over the outskirts of occupied Paris. They have to rendezvous with the resistance and pick up the plans for Hitler's new jet engines. The "Sleigh" provides airint for the British during their perilous daytime bombing raids on Germany, but with these new engines, they are now just sitting ducks in a Luftwaffe turkey shoot. Or something like that anyway. The good Captain Santa isn't the best at allagories, but he's pretty good at getting out of tight spots, even when the bullets are flying!
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Book 2 in the series: Sands of the Sahara.
Rejoin the Captain and the Buccaneers as they are flying over the skies of Libya, bringing supplies and help to the besieged town of Tobruk. They encounter a German Übermensch, unexpected orphans and undeniable evidence that someone is a spy!
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A Captain Santa short story:

Short Story: Captain Santana Flies Again.
The story of how Captain Walter Ellis Santana (retired) came back out of retirement!
Kendall gave a reading of this short story at a Noir at a Bar reading in Westchester PA. The story is slated (get it? slated? Nevermind.) to appear in a paperback compilation of those stories, and as soon as the printing / etc. rights are hammered out we'll present it here!

Captain Santa Flies Again - Download the PDF!

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